I saw the clock struck 2

Rolled my eyes and sigh I blew


Went out upstairs

Ignoring the framed stares


Peeked into rooms

Where reality dooms


Maybe Sam’s flying a plane

And Father’s away from loss and gain


I can recognize

My mother’s pillow blanket disguise


I climb the stairs to top

Radio playing quiet pop


As I was earlier thinking

I see the smoke rising


One burnt at her down

She sat in her white gown


She was an angel indeed

But way out of general creed


With a smile and relief

She let away all her grief


As she breathed out

In the sky before a pout


She motioned me to sit

As she shoved out the grit


I told her my problem

She had only one way to solve them


I told her about imagining

What father & Sam might be dreaming


She said “same days”

“You don’t dream” she says


She offered me her cigaredon

And I refused like daily tradition


I’ve stopped stopping her

From committing her own murder


But the scars on her face

Revealed her men’s grace


With a sudden grate

I think I’ll meet the same fate


Her smoke is now handy

I feel young and randy


As I breathe in

My world experiences a spin


I let it hit my nerves

Go down my curves


And as a I exhale

The smoke comes out pale


With my first one down

The stars formed my crown


I felt so calm

The present seemed warm


That day I got my first scar

From my cheek bone not really far


And as I held another cigaredon

I made a new tradition


With a lot more smoke & little cry

My another sleepless night went by





Glacier and Global Warming 




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