108 names of Durga English with meaning in English

108 Names of maa Durga in English with meaning.

Sl No Name in English Meaning in English
1 Sati who remains alive even after burning in fire
2 Saadhvi spiritual lady
3 Bhavpreeta one who loves Lord Shiva
4 Bhawani one who creates life
5 Bhavmochini one who dissolves from worldly attachments
6 Aarya pious lady
7 Durga invincible
8 Jaya winner
9 Aadya Ultimate Power
10 Trinetra One who has three eyes
11 Shooldharini One who posses Trident
12 Pinakdharini One who posses Trident of Shiva
13 Chitra Beautiful
14 Chandghanta One who makes loud sound like Temple Bell
15 Mahatapah One who does heavy austerity
16 Manah One who concentrates on spirituality
17 Buddhi One who has powers of self realization
18 Ahankara One who is proud of her being
19 Chittroopa One who beautifies the heart
20 Chita One who symbolises pyre
21 Chiti Consciousness
22 Sarvmantramayi One who posses all hymns (mantras)
23 Satta One who symbolises truth
24 Satyanandswaroopini One who guides to ecstasy
25 Ananta Limitless
26 Bhaavini The Creator
27 Bhaavya Appropriate to be meditated
28 Bhavya Extremely Beautiful
29 Abhavaya The most Beautiful
30 Sadaagati One who liberates soul from re birth
31 Shaambhavi Dear to Lord Shiva
32 Devmaata Mother to gods
33 Chinta One who controls thoughts
34 Ratnapriya One who is fond of gemstones
35 Sarvvidya One who possess all knowledge
36 Dakshkanya Daughter of Daksha, who was son of Brahma, the creator
37 Dakshyagyavinashini Destroyer of Daksha’s yagna
38 Aparna One who doesn’t consume even leaves during austerity
39 Anekvarna Colourful
40 Paatala One who posses red colour
41 Paatalavati One who posses flowers of red colour
42 Pattambarparidhaana One who adorns silk clothes
43 Kalamanjirranjini A happy being after adorning anklet with metallic bells
44 Ameyavikrama Mighty
45 Kroora Strict against demons
46 Sundari One with stunning looks
47 Sursundari Aesthetically pretty
48 Vandurga Goddess of forests
49 Maatangi Godess worshipped by Sage Matanga to take birth as his daughter
50 Matangmunipoojita One who is worshipped by Sage Matanga
51 Brahmi Power of Lord Brahma
52 Maaheshwari Power of Lord Shiva
53 Endri Power of Lord Indra
54 Kaumaari Young Girl
55 Vaishnavi Invincible
56 Chamunda Destroyer of Chand-Mund devils
57 Vaarahi One who rides a wild boar
58 Lakshmi One who gives affluence
59 Purushakriti One who takes the shape of a male
60 Vimla One who gives ecstasy
61 Uttkarshini One who gives prosperity
62 Gyaana One who is full of knowledge
63 Kriya One who is part of every work
64 Nityaa Infinite
65 Buddhida One who imparts knowledge
66 Bahula One who has many forms
67 Bahulprema One who has love for everyone
68 Sarvvahanvahana One who rides all transports
69 Nishumbhshumbhhanini Destroyer of Shumbh-Nishumbh devils
70 Mahishasurmardini Destroyer of Mahishasura
71 Madhukaitabhhantri Destroyer of Madhu-Kaitabh devils
72 Chandmundvinashini Destroyer of Chand-Mund devils
73 Sarvasurvinaasha Destroyer of all devils
74 Sarvdaanavghatini One who assaults all devils
75 Sarvshastramayi One who has knowledge of all weapons
76 Satyaa One who speaks truth always
77 Sarvaastradharini One who holds all weapons
78 Anekshastrahasta One who has many weapons in her hands
79 Anekaastradharini One who holds many weapons
80 Kumari Beautiful Girl
81 Ekkanya Little Girl
82 Kaishori Young Girl
83 Yuvati Woman
84 Yati Devotee
85 Apraudha One who never grows old
86 Praudhaa Aged lady
87 Vradhmaata Idle
88 Balprada One who empowers
89 Mahodari One who takes care of the universe
90 Muktakeshi One who has untangled hair
91 Ghorroopa One whose looks are terrifying
92 Mahabala One who has immense powers
93 Agnijwala One who has aura like fire
94 Raudramukhi One with face like Rudra God (Shiva)
95 Kaalratri Black skinned
96 Tapasvini Engrossed in austerity
97 Narayani Power of God Narayana (Vishnu)
98 Bhadrakaali One who has terrific looks of maa Kali (Goddess)
99 Vishnumaaya Illusion manipulated by God Vishnu
100 Jalodari One who lives under water
101 Shivdooti Ambassador of God Shiva
102 Karaali Fierce
103 Anantaa One who is without ends
104 Parmeshwari The first Godess
105 Kaatyayini One who is worshipped by Sage Katyayan
106 Saavitri Daughter of Sun
107 Pratyakshaa Real
108 Brahmavaadini One who is dwells in everything

108 Names of maa Durga in Hindi with meaning.