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Chhath Parv 2019

Chhath will be celebrated on 2nd November 2019, Saturday. Traditionally, Chhath is celebrated on 6th day after Diwali every year by the residents of eastern states of India and Nepal. But now a days it is celebrated worldwide as the migrants of the eastern states have spread all over the world.

Chhath Puja 2019

For Chhath Puja, the devotees offer arghy (water offerings) to Sun once at the time of sunset followed by again at the time of sunrise. For this they go to a water body and offer other items like sugarcane, fresh fruits etc. After offering, they keep it back in their basket. They come again to offer these items again at sunrise. Then they use these items as Prasadam to be distributed among family members.

Procedure for Chhath 2019

On 01.11.2019, the devotees will have water in the morning before sunrise and will not eat anything. During whole day they will not eat or drink anything. In the evening, they will have light and pious meal in evening and have water. After this, they will not eat or drink anything. On 02.11.2019, they will continue on fast without even water. At the time of sunset they will do puja with offerings to Sun. On 03.11.2019, they will do puja and give offerings to Sun again. After coming back, they will have food and water.

Chhath vrat is considered as the toughest fasting compared to other kinds of fasting. The vrat is sworn by the hardcore devotees who want boon or blessings (mannat) from Sun Lord. They continue doing this vrat for Thanksgiving when their one wish is granted followed by new wish.

Now a days Delhi Government makes arrangements for artificial ponds to be created at hundreds of locations in Delhi for the convenience of the community.


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