e-cigarette: A safe option to smoking? A Review!

e-cigarette: A safe option to smoking? A Review!

e-cigarette or electronic cigarette is considered safe for smoking and has been adopted by the young from the age of 14 years worldwide. But is it so?

This question has been raised by many after some deaths are reported in United States owing to the habit of using e-cigarette. In fact the demand for traditional cigarettes is slowing down in the developed countries and the requirement for e-cigarettes is increasing in developing countries. There is a growing tendency among young school going children to try and use e-cigarettes.

e-cigarettes are available in many variants such as e-hookah, vapes, vape pens, USB shapes, cigars, waterpipes etc. The shapes like pen and usb are more common in schools as the chances of getting caught are less and its use as smokeless tobacco is unnoticeable.

e-cigarettes contain a vapourizing liquid, a heating element to induce vapourization and a battery to give power to heating element. Some devices get activated as soon as the user inhales it through mouth just like smoking other needs to be switched on before inhalation. Some are only for one time use whereas others come with cartridge which can be replaced for repeated use. The vapourizing liquid could contain tobacco or other flavouring agents to give “kick” to the users. To use e-cigarette, the vapour is inhaled by the user (called vaping) and the smoking action takes place. Gradually it becomes the habit and the children get addicted to it. Though e-cigarettes were introduced for smokers to help quitting the smoking habit, but the trend shows that vaping aids teenagers in developing smoking habit in later years.

The vapours inhaled by the user contain toxic and carcinogenic compounds which are harmful for the human body and health effects are alarming. However, the pleasure derived from the use of these toxic or tobacco compounds overshadows their side effects. As a matter of fact, e-cigarettes in no way can be an alternative to smoking actual cigarettes as the habit continues. Strong willpower is all you need to quit smoking and not the e-cigarette.



Why do people use e-cigarette?

  1. Enjoyment
  2. Peer pressure
  3. To quit smoking
  4. Easy availability
  5. Social causes
  6. Sedentary lifestyle
  7. Easy to use and hide
  8. “Safe” tag given to it by vested interests
  9. Any time and any where usability
  10. Nuclear family set up

Advantages of electronic cigarette

  1. Easy to carry
  2. Unnoticeable at a public place
  3. Smokeless tobacco used
  4. Different flavours and aerosol can be used for vaping
  5. Reusable multiple times
  6. Can be carried in carry-on baggage at airport and aeroplane

Disadvantage of electronic cigarette

  1. Aids in developing habit of smoking
  2. Health risk specially in children and teenagers
  3. May cause burns in mouth and lips
  4. May lead to retarded mental growth in children
  5. May affect development of fetus, if vaping during pregnancy
  6. Teens using e-cigarettes are more likely to do conventional smoking
  7. Pleasure derived from nicotine may lead to other drugs abuse for pleasure
  8. Once addicted to drug abuse, quitting becomes difficult

Quit e-cigarette today!!!

The harm has already been done by e-cigarettes. Follow these guidelines to quit this habit immediately:

  1. Avoid company of those indulged in using e-cigarettes
  2. Avoid Rave parties
  3. Spend time with your family or pets
  4. Increase intake of Citrus fruits containing vitamin C
  5. Develop some hobby and follow it
  6. Spend time doing physical exercise, yoga and meditation
  7. Aware others against using e-cigarettes
  8. Keep your willpower strong to say NO to the offerings of e-cigarettes
  9. Use healthy alternatives like Cardamom (elaichi), Cinnamon (daalchini), Basil (tulsi), Clove(laung), Aniseed(saunf), Dried Ginger(saunth), Jaggery(gur) etc. to control craving for the nicotine/ e-cigarette.
  10. For serious addiction beyond control, consult your doctor.

Electronic cigarette price in Delhi

The electronic cigarette devices are dirt cheap in comparison to other drugs used in rave parties. The range differs from 300 indian rupees to 3000 indian rupees on the basis of its single or multiple use and the flavours.



RS Shandilya