e-cigarette: Advantages , Disadvantage and price in delhi 

e-cigarette: Advantages , Disadvantage and price in delhi

Advantages of electronic cigarette

  1. Easy to carry
  2. Unnoticeable at a public place
  3. Smokeless tobacco used
  4. Different flavours and aerosol can be used for vaping
  5. Reusable multiple times
  6. Can be carried in carry-on baggage at airport and aeroplane

Disadvantage of electronic cigarette

  1. Aids in developing habit of smoking
  2. Health risk specially in children and teenagers
  3. May cause burns in mouth and lips
  4. May lead to retarded mental growth in children
  5. May affect development of fetus, if vaping during pregnancy
  6. Teens using e-cigarettes are more likely to do conventional smoking
  7. Pleasure derived from nicotine may lead to other drugs abuse for pleasure
  8. Once addicted to drug abuse, quitting becomes difficult

Electronic cigarette price in Delhi

The electronic cigarette devices are dirt cheap in comparison to other drugs used in rave parties. The range differs from 300 indian rupees to 3000 indian rupees on the basis of its single or multiple-use and the flavours.


RS Shandilya