GOODBYE 2019 | THE POETESS | Poem – MustFrills



So 2019 is almost gone
One year’s race you’ve almost won
Let’s take a look back
To all things you’ll take along

When this year came
You may have been happy again
Filled with hopes and desires
A large to-do list in your brain

Or you may have been sad
With whatever reason was thought bad
But you may have a desire
For this year to be glad

All this year you’ve seen
What an imbecile you’ve been
Forcing yourself into things
Deviating from your dream

To the people you’ve lost
Like leaves and summer and frost
You’ve paid your respects
And loved all year their ghost

And the people you’ve received
With trust in your heart believed
Have been through all year with you
With love both have perceived

Some hearts you’ve broken
Some mornings you wish you hadn’t woken
But being through all this
A new you had evoken

Some days were summer
Some days have been bummer
And you may have experienced
How to be a new comer

But think about it
Stop, and apply your wit
After all you’ve been
You’re still alive a bit

You’re still you
Like the very drop of dew
Have your own identity
Have now become anew

So welcome this year
With love, hope and cheer
The cloudy skies once came
The cloudy skies will clear!

(Have a happy and prosperous New Year)