Home Decor: How. Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor: How. Home Decor Ideas

General Rules
1.Use light colours when doing home decor of a small place. The light colours like white, cream, light grey, light blue, light green, mauve, beige etc add an impression of depth into the walls. The light gets reflected very well and even an enclosed space looks spacious.

2. Use those items which can be dusted on regular intervals. Sometimes the people place items beyond the normal access leading to accumulation of dirt there and demeaning home decor.

3. As per vaastu, use the following colour palette for health and prosperity as per directions ( directions are to be calculated as looking from the centre of house and using a magnetic compass)

North – shades of green
South – shades of red
East – shades of white
West – shades of blue
North East – shades of yellow
North West – shades of blue, white and green
South East – shades of red, pink
South West – shades of brown, purple

4. Use eco friendly materials. The materials like plastic, nylon, synthetic materials should be avoided. Not only these materials are fire prone, these are bad for our indoor air quality as well. The fabric such as cotton absorbs the negativity, dust, noise etc and helps to have a clean air inside. However, these should be washed regularly.

5. Use vibrant colours for living room and soothing colours for bedroom. The vibrant colours keep the mood of the family members fresh and keep them positive. The gloomy colours, on the other hand, give way to depression and irritation. In bedroom, the soothing colours should be chosen so as to aid in relaxing the body and keep the relationship of the couple romantic and caring.

6. At least three walls of a room should have same colour for aesthetic look. The roof may also be coloured other than white as per the POP position. But it must have an element of white which helps to reflect the light in the room.

7. Avoid blocking the corners of the house. As per feng shui there should be regular flow of energy in the house for which the corners must be kept free of clutter and should be kept clean.

8. The wall and door hangings should be at a safe distance from the live fire. Sometimes the flame from the jyot in Indian homes gets enlarged towards the end. Avoid keeping any flammable material near jyot.

9. Never place multiple plugs into one socket through multisocket as it may heat up fast and can cause spark leading to fire.

10. Always keep a fire extinguisher at home to tackle any unforeseen situation of fire.

Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor is a personalized subject and varies from person to person. Some ideas are given below. One or more ideas may be combined as per your mood, intention and requirements.

1. A wall may be turned into the memoir by placing multiple photo frames with various types of photographs of the family.

2. Alternately, one single photo may be placed at one wall.

3. Similarly an art piece, Wall carpet, wall drawing, cloth drawing, murals etc may be placed.

4. A wall may be done with texture paint, 3D wall paper, printed wall paper, theme based wall paper e.g. sky, night sky, aeroplane, forest, sea World, city scene etc.

5. While placing paintings and pictures, the pictures of wild animals should be avoided. You may place the picture of the place with which you want to have connection in your north west wall.

6. Make an oversized dark background for your wall mounted television.

7. Light up the galleries and place individual photoframes.

8. Make wooden partitions wherever possible to store books and showpieces.

9. Use contrast colours for placing furniture, lamp shades, cushions etc

10. Themes like gymnasium, sports, music, travel, leisure, antique etc may be used as per choice.

11. Use tiles, mica, metallic finish colours wherever possible, specially at a place which is likely to get greasy over a time.

12. Place green fresh indoor plants in beautiful pots, specially in the corners to harness the positive energy. Don’t place plants in bedroom.

13. Mix the wood and glass, specially in drawing room.

14. Place running water fountain in north direction of living room.

15. If you are fond of multi colours then use muticolours cushion covers, curtains etc.

16. Use the furniture like sofa, table, almirah, desk etc to earmark a separate section within a large space.

17. Try to use the natural polish on the furniture to enhance its presence and to hell it with the surroundings.

18. Use glass to let the sunlight come into the house. Then use mirrors to scatter it in the direction of your choice. Place looking glass preferably in north east.

19. Be a trend setter. Try something new by mixing various options and share your ideas with others.

20. Keep the options open to place the seating to look outside through the window while sitting inside. This will freshen up the mood specially during raining and snowing.

RS Shandilya

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