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How to end Navratri fast | 2019 |

On the celebration day, Ashtami or Navami, little girls are invited to the house for taking their blessings as the blessings from maa Durga. For this purpose normally the girls upto the age of 10-12 years are sought. One boy of similar age is also sought to mark the presence of Bhairon. These children are invited, their feet are cleaned with water, Mauli is tied on their right hand, tilak with rolli is applied on their forehead. They are offered semolina porridge (halwa made with sooji), black gram (dry preparation), poori, dry fruits, fresh fruits, khazana(currency) etc to make the representatives of maa Durga happy. They are also offered other gifts. While going these girls bless the family with happiness and prosperity. This day onwards, the devotees can start using all eatables as per their preferences.