How to lose weight fast and easy without exercise | Diet Plan for weight management

How to lose weight fast and easy without exercise | Diet Plan for weight management

The simplest way to lose weight fast and easy is to reduce your calorie intake. A healthy male requires appx 1800 calories and female require 1500 calories. A pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid diet plan.

(i) Reduce your calories by one third

i.e. consume only 1200 (male) and 1000 (female).

(ii) Consume 2/3rd calories i.e. 800 for male and 700 for female, from protein diet. The protein diet takes more time to burn in the body and uses more energy to break it down. This way, the stored calories are used reducing the body mass.

(iii) Consume 8-10 glasses of water (4-5 litres) which help in breakdown of protein intake properly.

(iv) Consume 1/10th of calorie requirements from dry fruits. It also gives the fats for our daily requirement

i.e. 120 calories for males and 100 calories for females.

(v) Eat wholesome, what ever you can. The peels of fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and phyto-nutrients which are also essential for proper metabolism and absorption of nutrients into the body for remaining calories.

(vi) Eat roughage (fiber) which will help to keep the gut clear.

(vii) Avoid being a couch potato. Walk as much as you can.

(viii) Avoid dairy products, sugar, fast food, processed food, tinned food, ready to eat meals, fried food, fruit juice, cola etc.

(ix) Use green tea of your favourite flavour without sugar and milk.

(x) Enjoy your food. Chew it slowly and properly. Feel the taste and imagine that this good food is going to help me to lose weight. Avoid watching TV or using mobile while having food.




RS Shandilya