How to observe Navratri fasts | 2019 |

During fast, the devotee should freshen himself/ herself, take bath and do maa Durga Puja with devotion. He/ she should not eat anything during the day to observe fast. In the evening, he/ she should prepare food by using only potato, rock salt, sweet potato, radish, milk or curd, Barnyard Millet ( called as vrat ke chawal, Sama rice, svak ke chawal, samvat rice etc.), Tapioca, Tapioca Sago ( Sabudaana), buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta), water chestnut flour (singhade ka atta), oil etc. Some people also use turmeric (haldi) and tomato. Where there is no availability of various items as mentioned above, the people also use bottle gourd for making curry vegetables.

Those who need to eat at shorter intervals may use tea (not coffee), potato chips, sabudana chips, groundnuts, dry fruits, milk etc to satiate their hunger. In any case, the traditional method used in any family may be followed.