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Independence Day | 75 Years of Independence in India | Har Ghar Tiranga

Independence Day

Independence Day is the day of liberation. For a country, the Independence Day signifies the day of liberation from the rulers/ captors who do not belong to its motherland. The Independence Day may also be celebrated as the day of Nationhood or a National Day signifying the day when the nation came into existence. Independence Day is usually celebrated with much fanfare in the country displaying their allegiance to the nation with lots of patriotic flavour. During this day the national flags are hoisted at different locations and their national anthem is sung. Programs on honouring the citizens of various services are organized. Cultural programs, exhibitions, dance & drama, parade & drill, speeches by various dignitaries, get together celebrations, At-Home celebrations, parties etc are organized to commemorate the occasion. The freedom fighters, martyrs and the great revered leaders are remembered and paid homage.

Indian Independence Day

India got its independence on 15th August 1947 at the strike of mid night clock i.e. at 0001 hrs on August 15, 1947. India is celebrating its platinum jubilee i.e. 75 years of independence in the year 2022. The British came to India in 1608 and ruled till 1947 making its colony. At a time Chandragupta Maurya, the king of Magadha (present day Bihar State in India), ruled the entire Indian subcontinent upto Afganistan during 321 to 297 BCE. During the process of declaring independence, British partitioned Pakistan from India, which was declared a separate country. The day 15th August was chosen by Lord Mountbatten, the viceroy to India from Britain, being the second anniversary of surrender of Japan in World War II. The Independence Day is a national holiday in India.

75 Years of Independence in India

To mark the occasion, the Indian government, lead by Sh Narendra Modi, has initiated a theme named “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” meaning “pious celebration of independence”. The theme aimed to bring into the light the glorious history covering social reformers, thinkers and heroes who lead the country with their own example and their achievements with special focus on the rich cultural heritage of the country. The government launched a new website at which the citizens can view the various activities and initiatives taken by government throughout India.


Har Ghar Tiranga

Apart from above activities, the Indian Government launched another campaign “Har Ghar Tiranga” meaning “Tricolour at each house”. To organize this campaign, the flag code of India has been tweaked to allow other than khadi material also to make the flag and to keep the flag hoisted 24 hours which was earlier restricted from dawn to dusk only. During this campaign all citizens have been motivated to display Tiranga (Indian National Flag) at an appropriate location of their houses from 13 August to 15 August to mark the celebration of 75 years of Independence. For this exercise, the flags are made available at Post Offices for easy access to general public. Special attention is to be paid on disposal of the flag after the campaign period. The flag may by folded and kept safe to be used on another occasion. The citizens are motivated to share their selfie with Tiranga on social media as well.

So let us make this Independence Day special by hoisting Tiranga at our houses and participating in this national movement.

Jai Hind


RS Shandilya