Indian Government Legislation on Plastic Ban | By Mustfrills | 2019 |

In India, there is no common policy on plastic ban. Some states have taken up the ban seriously and implemented the same. But some other states are yet to take a call on this. Government of India has banned single use plastic, but what is single use plastic is left to the wisdoms of citizens.

Most of the Indian states have banned single use polythene bags of less than 50 micro metre (50 microns) thickness. However, the same is not properly implemented at most of the places.

A public awareness on bad effects of using polythene bags and a suitable alternative to polythene as packaging material may motivate common man to shun the use of Polythene bags.


RS Shandilya

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Notice for Prohibiting Production, Stocking, Distribution, Sale & Use of Single Use Plastic (SUP) Items 

Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, as amended, 2021