It’s poem by “The Poetess” Fire and Water


They fell in love

They weren’t meant for that

But t’was not their fault

Love knows no fact


The fire and water

The wood and pearl

They fell in love

Like a guy and a girl


When the fire was angry

The water made her calm

And when he was furious

The fire gave him warmth


They never touched each other

They couldn’t do it

They would try and try

But it wasn’t worth it


One day they had to choose

Between the worls and their love

They were loyal enough to it

So they chose the world


And now they are far

Far away from each other

There’s only one person who knows this

The nature, their mother


This was a legendary story

Of a girl and a boy

The girl was fierce

And the guy a good guy!


~The Poetess


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