It’s poem by “The Poetess” GONE MOTHER


Twinkle twinkle little star

I talk to you from afar

The way you glow, the way you shine

Makes me remember gone mom of mine

She was bright like you

Pretty like the morning dew

Hovering like the river

She was like a quiver

Her eyes were soft

Made me go aloft

Her touch was magical

Her hair down till clavicle

But oh star

She is just so far

Into the sky

My world is so dry

Feel I alone

Since she had gone

They say I look like her

But I can’t match my mother

Oh star please

Give me one day for lease

I would go back to her

And hear even her murmur

Do what i should have done

Never make her feel alone

One day is all I ask

Of past to correct my task

Oh star please grant my wish

Make your magic wand swish

I can’t cry every night

I die as well might

(Past can’t we have

Present is all we got

Might as well do your job

Save the water before its draught

Love the people you know

Make each one gay

Life is just too short

To ask if you may

Mend your ways

Before its late

They won’t be long

Your all the mates…)


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