It’s poem by “The Poetess” She Comes Out at Last


I hear her sing
I see her dance
Spreading her wings

Oh! She’s laughing
I see her smile
Oh! She’s living
For a while

Her hands go up
Gentle and tend
With the music playing
Her body bent

Her vocals kick in
Her voice too sweet
Reminding me of sunshine
And the night’s discreet

Her eyes go small
Her cheeks turn pink
Her lips curl up
I can’t even blink

 In, I go
Hesitantly, although
Stops she, astounded
She, had been founded

Scared, Afraid
Mistake I had made
Happy was she
Now not neither me

Why do you hide?
Let yourself fly
I asked, she turned
I shouldn’t have tried

Buried, a seed
Now caught by sunlight
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide

Come see the world
It’s not that bad
No more hidings
And you will be glad

Set your fears aside
Walk out to the Sun
Never conceal yourself
Do not ever run

She danced her way to world
The seed germinating
And found all the trees
For her glance, waiting…

~The Poetess

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