It’s poem by “The Poetess” THE BIRD AND THE CAGE


There was a bird
Fearless as fire
To travel across the world
Was her heart’s only desire

But oh destiny
She fell in love
With a cage, like blood
All over a dove

And oh Mon Dieu
What solution will she weave?
Can’t she stay
Can’t she leave

Two roads diverged
In the yellow wood
The bird tried to stop
Only if she could

She made her decision
And out she flew
But came back after a while
Like the morning dew

“Oh cage! What should i do?
I am helpless”
“Go on, see the world
My dear mistress”

She couldn’t leave him
Their love was strong
But this wasn’t her destiny
She knew all along

So once again she bid
Goodbye to her love
Showered in the rain
The blood coloured dove

Maybe love wins
But you should be free
Because there’s no shadow
Without a branched tree!


~The Poetess

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