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KANCHANA 1, 2, 3(2011, 2015, 2019)- Film Review

KANCHANA 1, 2, 3(2011, 2015, 2019)- Film Review

Raghava Lawrence is the man behind all three movies KANCHANA 1, released in 2011, KANCHANA 2, released in 2015 and KANCHANA 3, released in 2019. All three movies are blockbuster with commercial success all over the world. Raghava Lawrence rose from a car cleaner having a brain tumor to choreographer in 1993 and then to Actor, Director and Producer in South Film Industry in 2011 with KANCHANA. Though all three movies were released originally in Tamil language, their dubbed versions in Hindi are equally entertaining. Even before the KANCHANA series, it all started with MUNI movie in 2007 in Tamil. However, KANCHANA being more famous, it’s now continues and we can expect KANCHANA 4 as well. Laxmmi Bomb is the Hindi remake of KANCHANA starring Akshay Kumar, which is being released soon. Raghava Lawrence is the writer and director for this too.


Raghava Lawrence won many accolades during his stint in film industry. Filmfare Awards for Best choreographer for Annayya- Telugu (2000), Paarthale Paravasam- Tamil (2001),  Indra- Telugu (2002),  Style- Telugu (2006) and Edison Award for extraordinary performance for KANCHANA 2 (2015)

In all franchise movies of KANCHANA, the theme is same of comedy with horror. Raghav Lawrence worked with Lakshmi Rai, as priya in KANCHANA 1, with Tapsee Pannu, as Nandini in KANCHANA 2 and with Helen Nelson (Oviya) as Kavya and Vedhika as Priya in KANCHANA 3. Kovai Sarala is consistently entertaining in all KANCHANA 1,2,3 winning Vijay Award for best comedian for her role in KANCHANA 1 (2011). R. Sarathkumar won Vijay Award for best supporting actor for playing the role of KANCHANA in KANCHANA 1 (2011).

HuIn KANCHANA 1, Devadarsgini as Kamakshi, the sister-in-law and Kovai Sarala as mother create a lot of humour alongwith Raghav Lawrence through their acting. The humour continues in KANCHANA 2 and 3, though suspence/ horror take up a lagre portion. But overall all franchise of KANCHANA are hilarious. Some action scenes are pretty good. Music is foot tapping and dance is as usual, with lots of action moments. S. Thaman is the consistent music composer for all franchise of KANCHANA.

KANCHANA 2 and 3 grossed more than 100 crore collection at box office. With a meagre investment the movies are blockbusters financially.

Overall the film franchise of KANCHANA are entertaining and enjoyable for the whole family.

Rating: 3 out of 5


RS Shandilya