I have a cat

A cat named Cat

But the cat can’t seem

To hear when I say Cat


So I took her

To the doctor

He said she was weak

And her vision was blur


Disappointed I came

Thought about her name

Bob, Harley, Puff, Snowball

But she heard when I said Lame


Lame was pretty

And a little too gritty

Yellow on orange or the other way

But oh she was zitty


Lame didn’t know

Her world I couldn’t blow

That she can’t see

That her eyes were hollow


Daring as she was

Without a valid cause

Launched herself from shelf

To claim my chair with paws


Maybe the light was too bright

Or her weakened sight

Cause chair was on the left

She landed on the right


A thump sound came

Down came the rain

And I realized

I had lost my dearest Lame


On the funeral day

When everyone got away

I found a cute Minskin

And I named her May


So the next story

Of love and glory

Will be of May but

Undead, don’t worry!