A tale of yore

Baby was I

Unaware, unattended

And a little too shy


Oh no, something broke

Within me I noted

Up came a tender stem

And down I was rooted


And oh I remember

My first rainfall

How those teeny tiny droplets

Appeared large and tall


And then came winter

I had grown a leaf or two

My days were warmer with the Sun

And nights more colder than my dew


And as I recall

The first spring I had

I grew the most at that time

I was young and glad


Now as the seasons went

And summer showered over me

I craved for the water

Which made my roots most glee


Days turned into months

And months turned into years

And as I grew from young to old

I outlasted my fears


I’ve seen the storm

I’ve seen the drought

I’ve sen the frost

the icy winter brought


I’ve seen little Mary

Water me everyday

Until she was married

Went away cheerful and gay


I’ve seen young john

Fall down and made fun of

I’ve seen him cry down my father

Years later he became king of golf


I’ve seen men and women

Holding hands a day

The next they sit alone

From each other, far away


Now, I’m an old one

Perhaps this is my life

To see the kids swing on me

To watch their love in strife


My flowers bloom in the sun

My leaves frost in the night

Me is a home to many others

Me now sees the young down fright


Me is now feeling new

My time up here seems to end

for I see my leaves falling

And my branches have started to bend


I go pale yellow now

Just like my father did

Maybe its time

Goodbye should i bid


I feel myself going down

Breathing is a task

Sweet morning melody of cuckoo surrounds me

And I-


(the tree dies before completing his sentence…)




Source for poem

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