Why mosquitoes bite us | How does mosquitoes suck our blood | Scientific facts about mosquitoes

Watch Out for Mosquito

1. Most deadly creature on the planet Earth responsible for maximum deaths of humans. Diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, Zika, yellow fever etc are spread by mosquitoes throughout the world.
2. Only female mosquito bites the human to collect protein required for laying of eggs. However, male and female mosquitoes both suck the nector from flowers to survive.
3. Mosquito finds its host with the help of its sensors from a distance of 50 metres with the smell of Carbon Dioxide exhaled by the host. Due to poor eyesight, a mosquito can see the host from distance of 3-4 metres only.
4. Male mosquito lives for one week whereas female mosquito lives for about 2 months. During this time it sucks the blood then lay eggs at a moist place then comes back to suck blood to lay more eggs. Eggs are hatched when these come in contact with water. They start flying in a week’s time.
5. Mosquitoes are the food for Dragon Fly and mosquito eggs are the food for fishes.
6. Methane gas emanating from human sweat is an attraction for mosquitoes. Another attraction is the body heat.
7. Mosquitoes spit saliva before biting which numbs the area temporarily and causes itching after the mosquito bite.
8 HIV virus is digested by mosquitoes. Hence mosquitoes do not cause AIDS.
9. Dark clothes preserve the body heat and are an attraction to mosquitoes.
10. Mosquitoes can’t fly very high. These can go upto 10 metres high. But the mosquitoes hide themselves at a comfortable place in house which is neither too low nor too high in temperature.

RS Shandilya