Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji | Vand Chhakna | Kirat Karna | Naam Japna | 2019

  1. Vand Chhakna: Meaning, Sharing what you have, with others. This emphasises on the principle of Equality, without any consideration of caste, creed, religion, colour or social status. In the same philosophy Langar Prasad is organised at various locations throughout the world to share and distribute the food to the community.
  2. Kirat karna: Meaning, Doing karma. This philosophy emphasises on doing work by way of acquiring skills and earn livelihood. It makes you karmayogi and motivates to desist from idle living and waiting for the fortune.
  3. Naam Japna: Meaning, Remembering God always. This focusses on doing meditation, simran, chanting hymns of Guru Granth Sahib, chanting Waheguru again and again. With this it is believed that the soul remains pure, the negative thoughts are washed out and the positivity of caring for humanity develops.