Vishwakarma Day | Govardhan Puja, Annakoot 2019

Vishwakarma Day, Govardhan Puja, Annakoot 2019

The next day after Diwali is Vishwakarma Day falling on 28 October 2019 (Monday). On this day all artisan carry out Puja of their equipments and tools in their work places and factories. They request Lord Vishwakarma for prosperity.

Same day is Govardhan Puja on 28th October 2019. It is said that Lord Krishna picked up Govardhan mountain on his little finger to save the people of Mathura from the incessant rain and flood for continuous seven days and nights brought out by Indra, the Rain God. Finally, Indra accepted defeat. The people then started worshipping Govardhan Parvat for its ability to provide food for the cattles they own. On this day Annakoot is celebrated in which 56 bhog are offered to Lord Krishna. Now a days, the followers of Krishna celebrate Annakoot at temples worldwide. They also organise Bhandara at various places for the common people.


RS Shandilya