What is Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale starts on the next day of Thanksgiving and may run for 1 day or upto a week. It kicks off the festival season in western world leading to Christmas.

It's termed Black as no employee wants to come on duty on the following day of Thanksgiving. Since there was no trade on this friday, it was termed Black signifying misfortune. To bring the shoppers back to markets sales were organised. Slowly it became famous as Black Friday Sale.

Thanksgiving A day of fasting and prayers in praise of God for giving happiness & prosperity and to take thy blessings to avoid any misfortune. It is celebrated on 4th Thursday of November every year and declared as Holiday. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated in Christian dominated nations such as America, England, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Europe etc.

Thanksgiving Dinner is biggest meal of the year. Traditionally it contains Turkey or goose or ham with mashed potatoes dishes. The drinks include wine, apple cider, lemonade, tea, coffee etc. Pumpkin pie or Apple pie is consumed in dessert.

But Black Friday sales have now spread to all over the world giving opportunity to buyers to get items at throw away prices with discounts ranging from 10% to 90%.

All standard brands participate in Black Friday Sale with heavy discounts for online shopping and at the stores.

All online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Walmart etc offer consumer durables, clothing, accessories, perfumes, footwear, home decor, linen, electronic items, gifting items, kitchen essentials and almost all other branded items in Black Friday Sale.

Cyber Monday The online retailers keep the discounts going till Monday giving an opportunity to the buyers who could not shop during Black Friday Sale. The coming Monday after Black Friday Sale is called Cyber Monday. The online sales may continue for a week termed as Cyber Week.

Thanksgiving for 2022 falls on 25th November and Black Friday Sale starts on 26th November 2022.