What or What Not to do during Navratri | 2019 | ?

What to do during Navratri

  1. Fasting
  2. Prayers and worshipping
  3. Visit to holy places and temples
  4. Donations in currency and items
  5. Organize Bhandara (free food offerings to masses)
  6. Take blessings of elderly, little girls and women in general
  7. Open new business or project
  8. Buy new items for family and home
  9. House warming (grih pravesh)
  10. Looking for bride or groom or marriage


What NOT to do during Navratri

  1. Eating stale food
  2. Using cereals and foodgrains when observing fast
  3. Use of alcohol and drugs
  4. Use of non vegetarian food
  5. Copulation or mating
  6. Using leather or leather goods