Why Cold Pressed Oils?


Health Benefits! Anti Oxidant! Pure and Natural! Advantage of Cold Pressed Oils

Wondering why nutritionists and dieticians have started recommending cold pressed oils?

Why should you buy a cooking oil which costs almost twice as refined oil?

This blog helps you justify the premium you pay for Cold Pressed Oils. First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. Why are these oils so damn expensive when compared to refined oil? Here is the answer and it’s simpler than you would imagine.

Low extraction yield. Simple. The process of extraction of oil via Cold Pressing yields low amount of oil per unit raw material pressed. This is due to the fact that no heat is applied whatsoever, and hence the name, Cold Pressed. The process of extraction is purely mechanical and no chemicals are used at any step in the process.

Now, in contrast, the process of oil refining uses a lot of heat, pressure and chemicals throughout the process which involves the following steps –

  1. Pressing (Steam, Pressure)
  2. Neutralization (Steam, Phosphoric Acid, Caustic Iye)
  3. Bleaching (Steam, Phosphoric Acid, Bleaching Earth)
  4. Deodorization (Steam)
  5. Dewaxing (Heat, Diatomaceous Earth)
  6. Fractionation (Steam)

To check out the process of refining in detail, read our post on how refined oils are made.

Benefits of using Cold Pressed oils can be summarized as follows –

  1. They are 100% Natural and free from chemicals, preservatives, solvents, degumming agents, artificial flavors and colors.
  2. Unlike refined oils, since there is no heating involved, they retain Anti-Oxidants which help against free radicals that cause cell damage.
  3. They are rich in Vitamin E which has Anti-Inflammatory and Healing properties
  4. They are free from Trans-fat and help in increasing good cholesterol.
  5. They are immune system boosters as they contain Oleic acid and Lauric acid.

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is especially great for Indian cooking as it has a smoking point of about 160C. Since deep frying is mostly done at 120-150C, it is complete safe. You might observe foaming while frying, but that is completely natural as these oils do not contain Anti-Foaming agents. Also, Groundnut particles may settle down at the bottom of the bottle since the oil is manually extracted from groundnut kernels and there are no added solvents.

If you are new to this all natural holistic lifestyle, try our Cold Pressed Virgin Groundnut Oil. We wish you a healthy life ahead.



Neelansh Kapoor